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Teachers Mutual Bank - New Look, New Brand, New Newsletter! - Chalkboard
INSIDE: Our reason to smile, Become a property mogul, Giving you a head start when you become a teacher, Keeping you secure online
Dear Member,

We are looking for a new name for Chalkboard to reflect our new Teachers Mutual Bank look and feel. We think that you, our members, hold the answer.

Send your name suggestion to by 31 May 2012 and tell us in 100 words or less why this would be a great name for our newsletter. The winning submission will receive a new iPad#.

Your submission will be judged on:
  • creativity
  • simplicity
  • relevance to our new look and feel. 

If more than one person comes up with the winning name, the winner will be decided based on the 100 word submission to support their recommendation. Weíll share the suggestions with everyone on our website and start using the name for the next edition in August 2012.

So, stay tuned for the results and a newly titled Teachers Mutual Bank newsletter coming your way!


. Our reason to smile

Earlier this year we invited members to participate in a photo shoot for the Teachers Mutual Bank brand. It didnít take long before we received an overwhelming response and the inbox was filled with emails and photos of members who felt passionately about being involved in the new face of banking. So with only a few spaces to fill narrowing down our selection proved quite a task.

Weíd like to thank all members who sent in an application and a big thank you to our models who we had the pleasure of getting to know during the shoot. After two fun filled days of our models striking their very best poses we had what they call Ďa wrapí. Having members feature on our website, brochures, posters and advertising is an important part of who we are as a mutual bank and our commitment to putting you first.

Meet one of our top models - Gale Lambert

During our shoot we had the pleasure of meeting Gale Lambert who is a Deputy Principal at a Sydney high school. Gale has been a member for more than 37 years and was put forward by her daughter for them both to participate. We caught up with Gale after the shoot to learn more.

Why did you want to be involved in our photo shoot?
My daughter wanted me to be involved as she received the casting call email, and wanted us to do it. She initially just wanted me to write something for her, she then sent some photos in and entered both of us Ė we were both happy to do it. It looked fun and like something different to do. Iíve been a long time member and thought it was something I can give back.

How long have you been a member?

Ever since I started teaching, 37 years!

You have a home loan with us, which is fantastic, but what were the reasons you took out this product with us?

Iíve always been with you and didnít trust the big banks, you have always handled all my finances and Iíve always been able to get whatever Iíve needed, itís been a great experience, so I took out a home loan as well.

What about Teachers Mutual Bank makes you smile?
I feel very secure and very supported. The reason Iíve stayed is because theyíve met all my financial needs.

Do you have a Teachers Mutual Bank story to share? Would you like to be featured in our next newsletter? If so, email us at and let us know your story
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. Become a property mogul

Have you ever wondered about how to get started in the property investment game? Is it a realistic goal? For many the answer is Ďyesí. Being a landlord is achievable, especially if you already own a home or currently have a mortgage.

So how do you become a property mogul? Keep reading. Weíve included a case study which takes you through a hypothetical scenario featuring two teachers.

Meet Brad and Tabitha
Brad and Tabitha Thompson are both teachers in their early 30s. They live in a regional area. Brad teaches at a primary school and Tabitha teaches at a secondary school. Their combined income before tax is $156,228.

The couple bought their home five years ago when they first moved to town for $270,000. Similar homes now sell for $380,000. Brad and Tabitha have worked hard to get their home loan down to $180,000. They have $5,000 in savings, and apart from their superannuation accounts, have no other investments.

Brad and Tabitha feel that itís time they started building an investment portfolio. They love the idea of buying property and have found the perfect rental house in a great location. They are prepared to pay $320,000 for the property. Similar properties are returning $280 rent per week.

The couple want to know if they can afford to buy the house with their limited savings. What other things do they need to think about?

Taking the property plunge
Brad and Tabitha are prepared to pay $320,000 for the rental property. If they borrow more than 80%, they may have to pay Lenders Mortgage Insurance. So ideally this loan should be capped at $256,000.

They need around $10,000 for the stamp duty, $300 for loan fees, and $1,500 for legal and inspection costs. But where can they find the additional funds to cover these plus the extra $64,000 of the purchase price?

While they have only $5,000 in their bank accounts, the Thompsons have $200,000 equity in their own home. Equity is the difference between the market value of your home and the outstanding amount of your loan. If you have equity in your own home, you can sometimes buy an investment property without having to save a deposit.

They can borrow up to $124,000 on top of the existing $180,000 loan without breaching the 80% limit for Lenders Mortgage Insurance. They may even be able to borrow all the costs, like stamp duty and legal fees.

Teachers Mutual Bank offers a number of ways to access home equity. Tabitha and Brad apply to top up their home loan to a maximum of $255,800 then withdraw $75,800 to put towards the purchase of the new property. They also arrange a separate loan of $256,000 using the rental property as security for the remainder of the purchase price. They keep the money in their savings account as an emergency fund.

Assuming an interest rate of 7.25%pa for both loans, the new monthly repayment on their home loan is $1,745.01. The monthly repayment for the rental property loan is $1,746.37. The rent will provide $1,213 per month, leaving a shortfall of just $123 each week to be paid on the rental property by Brad and Tabitha. The couple has reviewed their budget and have decided that they can afford this commitment.

Other things to think about
Remember that there are ongoing expenses such as rates or maintenance which need to be included in your budget. Rental income must be declared for tax purposes but the expenses associated with the property are usually tax-deductible. This means that property investments can be very tax effective.

Landlordís insurance provides peace of mind when you own a rental property. Itís designed to provide extra protection to owners of a tenanted residential property beyond what a standard home and contents insurance policy covers.

Most Teachers Mutual Bank home loans can be used for an investment property. Contact us and we can help you work out the best option to suit your needs. For more information or to apply today, go to or call 13 12 21.

Take a look at our loans with features like:

  • An interest only repayment option
  • Fixed or variable interest rates
  • Flexible repayment options.

Become a property investor today. Use the equity that you have in your current property or home to start your investment portfolio. And before long you could be a property mogul!

Financial Writers Australia
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. Giving you a head start when you become a teacher

The years of study are behind you (well, for now), youíre excited to get into the classroom and start making a difference. But there are some challenges you might face that are unique to teachers.

  • Buying resources for your classroom Ė from stickers to pens and pencils and syllabus guides
  • Buying a car so you can actually get to work
  • Relocating closer to your new school

But donít worry Ė we know you havenít been working for very long and may not have a credit history, but it doesnít have to be a problem. We have a range of solutions to make it a little bit easier for you to focus on teaching!

  • You can apply for a personal loan of up to $30,0001 to get that new car, as long as youíre employed permanently or part-time and have your letter of offer of employment2 (with a commencement date of no later than 10 February 2013). Just provide us with a copy and weíll assess your application with this information.
  • Take advantage of our low rate, no annual fee Teachers Credit Card to purchase your resources (amongst other things of course!).

These are just some of the ways we can help you, and we want to make sure that all your needs are covered, so email us at and tell us about other products or services youíd like us to provide.

Get ahead moneywiseÖ

Handy tips for healthy finances:

  • Set a budget. Yes, itís boring, but it is essential that you understand what you are earning and what you are spending. Use our budget planner which can be found via our Tools and Calculators link at
  • Set a savings goal. Whether itís saving for a trip around the world, or your first home, it will keep you motivated.
  • Donít just pay the minimum! Whether itís on a personal loan or a credit card, paying more than the minimum payment amount will help you pay off the debt faster, and reduce your interest.
  • Open an Online Savings Account and set up regular deposits. This will help you start some healthy financial habits by automatically topping up your savings, so youíll put more money away without even noticing.
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. Keeping you secure online

When youíre banking online you want to be safe and secure. And weíre committed to keeping your personal details, financial transactions and money protected. To do this, we use different technologies that guard you against unauthorised activity and fraud.

  • Login authentication checks that itís you who is accessing your account by asking for your member number, access code and verification text when logging in.
  • Information protection, or encryption, guards your information from being accessed when itís sent from your computer to us.
  • Daily transaction limits allow you to set a limit on what amount can go in and out of your account daily, to make sure your electronic fund transfers and BPAY® are protected.
  • Session time-out automatically logs you out of your internet banking session after a period of time, just in case you wander off to get a cup of coffee.
  • Access code lock-out locks internet banking if your password has been incorrectly entered three times.
  • Transaction monitoring is our way of protecting you from fraud and lets us alert you of any suspicious account activity.
  • Security token and SMS security provide you with an extra level of security via a single-use code when you log into internet banking. You can apply for these within internet banking.

These are the technologies we have put in place for your security. Here are some simple tips which you can use to keep secure:

  • Always delete spam emails and donít open attachments if you donít know the sender.
  • Never provide your financial or personal information via email.
  • Install security software on your computer, which gives you increased protection online.
  • Change your access code regularly and apply for a free security token or use SMS security.
  • Always log out of internet banking and donít leave your computer unattended.
  • Most importantly, contact us immediately if you suspect fraud has taken place.

If you want to learn more or even share tips with others, take advantage of these useful industry links such as, and These websites are dedicated to keeping you informed and protected online.

Stay secure online! Click here to find out more.
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